Why Vogmask?


Many people today choose a healthy lifestyle. Just like a balanced diet and regular exercise, the quality of the air we breathe has a direct impact on our health. As individuals we have little control over the air in our environment. Vogmask gives you control over the air you breathe, protecting you from the small air suspended particles that pose a hazard to your health. Wellness starts with breathing clean air. With Vogmask, the choice is yours.

Polluted air

Air pollution in Taiwan is so prevalent we hardly ever notice it. Yet, turning a blind eye on the problem does not make it go away. Open your eyes: Everyone from Keelung to Pingtung is exposed to unhealthy levels of air pollution on a daily basis throughout the year. Surgical and cloth masks commonly worn in Taiwan are not designed to protect the wearer from pollution, while disposable N95 masks are unstylish and uncomfortable. Vogmask offers certified protection against PM2.5, is reusable, comfortable and stylish. For this reason, it is widely used in urban, industrial and other polluted environments around the world. Do it right.


Wearing Vogmask is an effective and non-invasive way to protect yourself from a wide range of allergens. In environments with allergy-triggering particles and odors, Vogmask prevents your unwanted immune response by blocking allergens from entering your respiratory system in the first place. Common allergens such as pollen often measure from 3 to 100 microns. Vogmask can stop particles 10 times smaller. Indoors or outdoors, enjoy year round with Vogmask.


In today's overpopulated and polluted world, Vogmask is an essential travel accessory. On a short scooter ride or an intercontinental flight, Vogmask goes with you. Don't worry about the air you breath on the go. Highly efficient protection from airborne contaminants comes with every Vogmask. Stuck in traffic, waiting in long airport queues, standing on a packed train or walking in a fresh market. Wherever you go, breath safely with Vogmask.

Sensitive lungs

Air pollution affects everyone's health, but some groups of people are specially at risk. For those who suffer from respiratory ailments such as asthma, who have a compromised immune system, or who deal with chronic issues that make them particularly sensitive to air contaminants, Vogmask offers certified protection for a better quality of life. Vogmask is the respirator recommended to their patients by Mayo Clinic, one of the world's most recognized healthcare centers. Vogmask is also recommended by many other institutions and phisicians around the world. You can trust Vogmask.

Work safety

A variety of jobs, from controlling traffic to drilling nails, expose workers to serious occupational hazards caused by airborne particulate matter. Effective protection from these particles is necessary to eliminate the associated health risks. Vogmask is certified as PPE (personal protective equipment) and is approppriate for those environments with hazardous levels of airborne particulate matter, where respirators are recommended or mandatory. Work safe with Vogmask.

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