Frequently Asked Questions


What tests and certifications does Vogmask have?

Vogmask conforms to the NIOSH (USA) N95 standard as stated in 42 CFR parts 84.180, 84.181, 84.182 regarding filtering efficiency, breathing resistance and valve leakage. N95 conformity has been tested by US FDA certified test labs Nelson Labs. Further testing has been conducted by FROST and several other leading institutions in the US. We meet all of the requirements for NIOSH and OSHA as well as US FDA.

Nelson Labs test report

Vogmask is certified KF-94 by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. Vogmask is also certified KN95 in China, as set in GB2626-2006 Respiratory Protective Equipment regulation.

The organic cotton used in our VMC2V Organic and VM Organic masks is certified according to the GOTS standards for the processing of fibres from certified organic agriculture.

What is the difference between the available Vogmask models?

All our masks achieve the same N95 filtering efficiency, protecting the user from at least 95% of airborne particles such as PM 2.5, pollen, dust, bacteria, virus, mold and other contaminants as small as 0.3 microns. All Vogmasks are also reusable for months without requiring filter changes and can be washed.

Differences between our models affect the textile material of the external layers, the number of exhale valves and the presence of a carbon filter layer.

Vogmask is available in two different materials for the external layers: Microfiber and organic cotton. Since both use the same middle layer filter, the external material is a matter of personal preference. Organic models include "Organic" in their name. Masks without this word are microfiber.

The one-way exhale valve present in some of our models helps reduce moisture and remove CO2 by letting exhaled air exit freely. It is ideal for warm weather and physical activities. Air exhaled though the valve is unfiltered. If you need filtering in both directions, choose one of our models without exhale valve. Valves are indicated by "V" (1 valve) or "2V" (2 valves) in the model name.

The carbon layer acts as a dissecant and helps reducing bad odors. It is indicated by a "C" in the model name.

These are our currently available models:

Vogmask VMCV
Microfiber inner and outer layers. Carbon filter layer and exhale valve.
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Vogmask VMC
Microfiber inner and outer layers. Carbon filter layer.
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Vogmask VMC2V Organic
Organic cotton inner and outer layers. Carbon filter layer and 2 exhale valves.
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Vogmask VM Organic
Organic cotton inner and outer layers.
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How long does Vogmask last before it needs replacing?

Unlike disposable respirators, Vogmask may be reused many times. The recommended life of a Vogmask varies according to the air quality of the environment. There are no expensive filters to replace. Being reusable also means that Vogmask is more environmentally friendly than disposable masks.

As you use your Vogmask, the pores of the filtering nanofiber textile in the middle layer of the mask become filled. Replace the mask when the breathing resistance noticeably increases.

In Taiwan, you can expect an average life for your Vogmask of 4 ~ 6 months of daily usage.

You can refer to this table based on the Air Quality Index (US EPA standard) as an approximate guide of the optimal duration of your Vogmask:

AQI Air Pollution Level Health Implications Vogmask optimum life
0 ~ 50 Good Air quality is considered satisfactory. Air pollution poses little or no risk. Not required
51 ~ 100 Moderate Air quality is acceptable. Moderate health concern for some sensitive people. 410 hours
101 ~ 150 Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups Sensitive groups will experience health effects. 370 hours
151 ~ 200 Unhealthy Everyone may begin to experience health effects. These will be more severe for sensitive groups. 210 hours
201 ~ 300 Very Unhealthy Health warning. Everyone is more likely to be affected. 160 hours
300+ Hazardous Health emergency. Everyone may experience serious health effects. 80 hours

If any part of your mask has been damaged and it does not provide a good seal any longer, replace the mask. A good seal is essential for an effective protection.

Does wearing Vogmask prevent infectious diseases?

Because Vogmask prevents certain infectious agents from reaching your respiratory system, it can help prevent disease in some cases, but it can never guarantee it. Vogmask filters on average 99% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. This includes most bacteria and some viruses. Smaller viruses that disperse through droplets in aerosol form can also be effectively stopped by Vogmask. Even so, no mask can guarantee complete protection from disease. Always exercise good hygiene to reduce risk of infection, and wash your hands after touching your Vogmask if you suspect you have been in contact with an infectious agent.

Does Vogmask protect me from chemicals and oils?

No. Vogmask is not recommended for use around chemicals or oil based particles such as paint spray or pesticides.


Usage tip

Contaminants cannot multiply on textile without moisture. Always let your Vogmask fully dry after use and wash. When you take off your mask, avoid placing it inside poorly ventilated places such as tight pockets. Hang it in a well-ventilated indoor area instead.

Can I wash my Vogmask?

Yes, you can keep your Vogmask clean and fresh by washing it from time to time. It is also advisable to wash your Vogmask after activities that cause a lot of sweating, such as intense exercise. We do not recommend excesive, too frequent washing, as this can reduce the life of your Vogmask.

To wash your Vogmask, follow this procedure:
Rinse your mask lightly. Apply a small drop of liquid soap and gently rub. Rinse again to remove the soap and hang to dry. Avoid submerging the mask in water, as this will affect the filtering efficiency of your mask in the long term.

Where is the filter? Can it be replaced?

The particle filtering textile (and the carbon filter in those masks that have it) are sewn into the middle layers of the mask and span the whole area of the mask. In other words, the whole mask is the filter. The filter is not replaceable. When you feel the breathing resistance increases noticeably, the mask has to be replaced.

What is the disk on the side(s) of the mask?

This is a one-way exhalation valve placed there to add comfort to the wearer by allowing moisture and CO2 produced during breathing to exit the mask freely. Air only flows outwards through the valve, never in. Vogmask is available with 1, 2 or no exhale valves. Models with exhale valve are well suited for warm weather and physical activities.

Does the exhale valve filter the exhalation of the wearer?

No. The exhale valve opens during exhalation allowing the wearer's exhalation to freely exit the mask. If protection from the wearer's exhaled particles is necessary, choose a Vogmask without an exhalation valve.

Can the valve be taken off for washing?

No. The valve is permanently fixed to the mask. Taking it apart will permanently damage your mask. Don't worry about getting the valve wet. This is fine and will clear it of microscopic dust and particles.

Does washing clear the filter media of microscopic particles?

No. Washing only keeps the outer and inner layers clean and fresh for your comfort when wearing the mask.


What sizes of mask do you have? What size is right for me?

It is essential you wear the right sized Vogmask to achieve both proper air filtration and comfort.

Microfiber Vogmasks are offered in 5 sizes from S to XL. Organics are offered in 3 sizes (M, M+, L).

We recommend you choose your size by measuring your face as explained in this image:

Choosing the right Vogmask size

Please contact us if you have doubts about the right size for you, or if the mask you ordered does not fit you properly.

My Vogmask fits tightly around my ears. Will it stretch?

What should I do if the ear loops tug on my ears and bend my ears forward?

Don't worry if you feel your brand new Vogmask a bit tight on your ears at first. The ear loops will stretch after a few uses. Most people find their Vogmask becomes more comfortable after being worn a few times. You can also try giving the ear loops a gentle stretch with your hands to maximum length 2 or 3 times.

If none of that worked, you might be using the wrong sized mask. Contact us for replacement with the proper size.

If you are using the right sized Vogmask and the ear loops still make you feel uncomfortable, try the optional head strap.

What if the mask does not extend beneath my chin?

Once you position the mask with the aluminum noseband adapted to the shape of your nose, a properly fitting mask should reach below your chin. If it does not comfortably reach below your chin, try positioning the noseband lower on your nose bridge. If that does not work, the mask is too small to get a good seal. Please contact us for replacement with a bigger size.

What should I do if the mask fogs my glasses?

This is indicative of a poor seal. Follow fitting instructions carefully. Carefully form the aluminum noseband on the gaps between the nose bridge and the cheeks. Your exhale should exit the mask through the exhalation valve and not out the gaps between the cheeks and nose bridge.

If you still have any questions about Vogmask, please contacts us.