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*XL size* Vegan Leather N99 CV

Limited edition Vegan Leather Vogmask N99 CV Series 9 respirator in XL size. Fight pollution in style.

N99 nanofiber filter, faux leather outer layer, microfiber inner layer, carbon filter and exhale valve.

Certified N99 in the US, outperforms N95 masks.

Superior protection against PM2.5.

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Limited edition *XL size* Vegan Leather Vogmask N99 CV Series 9 respirator. This special Vogmask design has a faux leather (black polyster) outer layer.

Vogmask, the stylish and comfortable reusable respirator, is certified N99 in the US, meaning it outperforms N95 masks. It has been tested to filter 99% of particles over 0.3 microns, including PM2.5 and PM10. In comparison, N95 respirators filter only 95%, while surgical and cloth masks do not offer any significant protection against pollution.

This model features microfiber inner and outer layers, a carbon filter layer and an exhale valve. The carbon filter helps mitigating bad smells, while the exhale valve allows moisture and CO2 to exit freely. This can improve comfort when wearing the mask in warm environments or when exercising (such as when running or cycling). Note that the exhale valve is one-way only, allowing your exhaled air out but not the dirty air in.

Vogmask's superior protection is provided by an award-winning nanofiber filtering middle layer that spans the whole length of the mask. This filter is cabable of blocking PM2.5, PM10, dust, germs, pollen and other such airborne hazards. The filtering function is aided by an elastic trim that provides the mask an air-tight seal around your face. Without a proper seal, even the best filter cannot protect you.

Vogmask can be reused for months and it does not need any filter changes. Simply wash the mask occasionally to keep it clean and fresh.



Vogmask User's Guide (English)

Instructions and recommendations for the use and maintenance of your Vogmask.

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Vogmask User's Guide (Chinese)


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