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Heather N99 Organic

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Vogmask N99 Organic Series 12 respirator.

First FFP2 R certified respirator in Europe. Tested for N99 filtration efficiency in the US, outperforms N95 masks.

N99 filter, organic cotton inner and outer layers.

Superior protection against PM2.5.

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Vogmask N99 Organic Series 12.

Our Organic masks are the first FFP2 R certified respirators in Europe and have also been tested to fulfill the requirements for NIOSH N99 in the US. Vogmask outperforms N95 masks, filtering 99% of particles as small as 0.3 microns.

Vogmask's superior protection is provided by a microfiber filtering middle layer that spans the whole length of the mask. This filter blocks PM2.5 and PM10, dust, germs, pollen, and other such airborne hazards.

On top of the microfiber N99 filter, this Organic model features organic cotton inner and outer layers.

Vogmask can be washed and reused for months and does not need any filter changes.



Vogmask User's Guide (English)

Instructions and recommendations for the use and maintenance of your Vogmask.

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Vogmask User's Guide (Chinese)


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